Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Flame out!

Some day soon, we will get to the bottom of this non-story and decide that it was one of the best spin/sell jobs in media history.

As I understand it, in order for the crime to be committed, the leaker must have known that the information he held was classified. He must also have known that the agent was undercover and that the target of the leak would be outted by the leak.

From Miller's own words, Rove/Libby/Gumby/whoever thought "Flame" was in a non-covert role at the CIA. And I hear that "Flame" was brought back because they feared that Ames had 'out'ed her. Also, there are pictures floating around that showed "Flame" and the nefarious tea-drinking Clarke at parties, galas, etc, around DC. Also, I've heard that "Flame" drove herself from her home to her CIA office every day. Someone in 'covert' status doesn't do that. I see no fire, and the only smoke I see is coming from overworked press pencils.

Will someone PLEASE get to the bottom of this so we can discuss Michael Jackson's parenting skills again?

I'm tired...


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