Thursday, October 27, 2005

Full court press

Okay, now that this Miers issue is over, let's get moving.

The Democrites think they have us on the ropes. They found a sleazy prosecutor to take cheap shots at Big Tom. They've found some way to distract the best Senate Majority Leader THEY'VE got (Frist). They found some two-bit hack to cry 'Wolf' in a CIA leak case. They've fired all their guns. They have spent themselves. They've got nothing left, other than crying and whining.

The time has come to stand up from our self-imposed prone position, knock our gloves together, raise our fists, and get to work.

  1. Nominate a strict constructionist to SCOTUS to give us a mission. I want a battle with these nitwits.

  2. Cut spending to Constitutionally-correct responsibilities.

  3. Let the Left know that we are done trying to placate them.

  4. Put a leader in to take the reigns of the Congress.

  5. Find a backbone in that bunch of clowns in the House of Lords. If Byrd and his Merry Menagerie of Mental Midgets want to filibuster, let them talk themselves into a coma. They will give up before we do.

  6. Define a conservative agenda that leads to personal responsibility, cuts spending, protects our borders, wins our wars, gives every American the freedom to win or to lose on the strength of his will, and puts that bunch of Euro-trash in the EU and UN back in their places.

  7. Kick the UN out. Honestly, what good are they? Bunch of thugs...

  8. Kill terrorists. Kill them all. Let the Arabs know that if they move against us, they will die. See if Swaggerty's can make pork coffins.

  9. Point at anyone else moving to step into the ring, and let them know they will get a Tyson-style beat-down. We are done playing.

I'm tired of this. We are right. Why are the Republicans so afraid of saying it?


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