Friday, November 11, 2005

2005/11/10 message from Frist at VOLPAC

Recent message in my email from Dr. Frist at VOLPAC:

The Senate held a joint hearing yesterday - at my request - to hear from executives from 5 major oil companies.

Many have written me to express opposition to the 'Windfall Profit Tax' that some democrats called for.

A windfall profits tax is a political ploy ... one that would do nothing to lower the price of gas.

And this tax, on its own, does absolutely nothing to solve our energy

This hearing was not a trial ... not an attempt to vilify the oil industry.

I believe in accountability. Our free enterprise system works best when the marketplace is understood and free of taint or suspicion.

So this hearing was intended to give executives of the industry an opportunity to explain to the American people why - in the face of record profits - prices at the pump continued to soar.

What I heard was interesting, but it's clear more facts need to be gathered so that farm! ers, ranchers, homeowners and drivers know why we are in a bind when it comes to high fuel costs.

Price gouging is flat wrong.

Unfortunately, some have tried to blame all our energy problems on 'Big Oil'.

Makes for a convenient sound bite, but such allegations are patently false.

We have an energy problem in America because - for 10 years - we didn't put forth an energy solution!

No new refineries. No domestic exploration. No substantive investment in alternative sources of energy.

The comprehensive energy bill we passed this summer was a start, but there's more to do.

We need to build new refineries. We need to continue to invest in clean coal and nuclear ... and alternative fuels like ethanol and bio-diesel. And we need to explore for oil - American oil - in ANWR.

That's how we solve our energy problem in America ... that's how we ease the pinch at the pump ... that's how we re! duce our dangerous dependence on foreign sources of oil.

A gain, after reading your e-mails last night, just wanted to let you know where I stand.

As always, I appreciate your feedback. To leave a comment on my blog, please click here.

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I certainly hope they don't try to make it harder for petroleum-related companies to do business. Most don't realize that corporations don't actually pay taxes. Sure, they have a tax bill, but they just increase prices to cover the tax bill. We pay their taxes and ours as well. Read the Fair Tax book.


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