Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Okay, let me get this straight:

Some nose-miners in Senate, most of whom have no idea what it takes to run a war, want the President to curtsy to them, pat them on their bottoms, and tell them everything will be okay?

You know, I'm not too shocked. Frist is a spineless, vision-less, non-leader who has done nothing to champion the right (Right) causes. He's bent over, said 'Aaahhhh', and let the Democrats govern by hissy-fits.

Dr. Frist, listen to me. This Warner Amendment is nothing more than pandering to those liberal nitwits. You are doing your best to convince the enemies abroad that we have no resolve.

Be a man! Stand up, point at Sheets, Chappaquiddick Ted, Chucky, and Dick Turban, and tell them that you run the show. YOUR president's vision will be followed.

Your mission, should you find the spine to accept it:

1. Investigate that senator/congressman that said he went to Syria in 2002 and talked strategy with our enemies.
2. Get every one of those whining babies in your caucus to support Alito.
3. Stomp your foot on the neck of any RINO you find. Pull them in line, or you have no chance in 2008. TN neighbor or not, I'll spend every waking moment pointing out what a spineless tool you are. If it means we get Hillary in '08, so be it. I'd rather have her and hate her, than have you ride us to the White House then forget we exist.
4. Tell our enemies in the Senate that we WILL win this war, whether they want us to or not.

I don't know which is worse, having a Senate Majority leader who won't support our country by squashing those Democrats from AQ, or knowing that the Senate Majority leader from my home state has turned out to be a snivelling goob with no intestinal fortitude.

Get a grip, Dr. Frist, or I'll spend the next two years compiling a list of reasons why you suck to display in '08.


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