Wednesday, November 02, 2005

If my better half ever leaves me...

You know, if my better half ever wises up and leaves me, I've found an alternative.

Sure, I'm just making a joke. My better half (MBH) would never leave me. She's loving, beautiful, intelligent, and wonderful, and completely blind to my faults. As Money says, I've done amazingly well for myself. I'm truly blessed.

If MBH ever leaves, though, I've found my 2nd and 3rd choices. These two women take a lot of abuse for being conservative women. Women are either supposed to be pretty and dumb, or smart and ugly, according to liberals. Just like black people should just shut up and vote Democrat, and minorities should just be happy with a seat at the children's table of liberal politics.

#2: Ann Coulter. Brilliant hottie who can really give liberals seizures.
#3: Michelle Malkin. I'm amazed that people don't just follow her around to kiss her feet. After reading this, I adore her even more because of her ability to hold her own. She's brilliant, articulate, and HOT.

I have yet to find a liberal woman that is as smart and as beautiful as these two women. The best the Left has is Hillary or MoDo. Maybe that is why the Left hates Ann and Michelle: they are proof that women can be smart and beautiful at the same time.

Tomorrow, I may think Michelle is above Ann. The day after, I'll probably reverse them again.

Honestly, with spokespeople like these two women championing our cause, I can't fathom a scenario in which we lose. Their looks draw people in, and their brains finish them off.


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