Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"I'd vote for a Democrat if..."

I've heard this phrase many times, but I never thought about what it'd take to get me to vote for a Democrat in a national election. Sure, I may vote for Bredesen if no one can offer a better alternative, but I can't see how I'd vote for a Democrat, considering what most of them stand for. I am all for voting for the best person for the job, but when a Democrat gets elected, all he ever stood for is gone. Just look at algore. He lost his ever-loving mind. Washington is a numbers game anyway, but adding to Babs Boxer's numbers is a bad idea.

But, in the spirit of camaraderie:

1. The Dem believes that the 1st Amendment actually prohibits the government from interfering with our right to free religion. Most believe it means freedom from religion, not freedom of religion.

2. The Dem believes that 3 listed federal powers are enough: regulate interstate commerce, secure treaties, and protect our turf.

3. The Dem refuses to buy into the whole liberal idea of "No personal responsibility for anyone!"

4. The Dem is a constructionist.

5. The Dem has character.

If those five objectives are met, I might vote for him. I would just worry that putting a Dem in DC might cause him to be corrupted by the hetero-haters, the tax-n-spenders, or the can't-we-all-get-along-ers.

You may now post your qualifications for voting for a Democrat (or a Republican, if you are a flaming, no-good, liberal, ne'er-do-well (Just kidding)).


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