Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Liberals are, by definition, unhappy

Just trying to get things cooking for the week. Most of this is tongue-in-cheek.

Is it me, or are the liberals trying to change things, just for the sake of changing them? They don't like the natural laws of sexuality (man + woman = good), so they try to change them. They make a big mess of things, leave a lot of people confused and broken. They call it a job well done because now everyone is unhappy. Conservatives change those things that require change (slavery, for example), but generally try to keep things normal.

Oh, and responsibility seems to be a big target for the liberals. If a person can go out, have sex with 25 people, infect all 25 of them with AIDS, and not have to tell them, a liberal is happy. The liberal is for the right of the AIDS-ridden malcontent to live his life the way he sees fit. As for the others, tough noogies.

Just a little thought for a Tuesday morning. Discuss. Any name calling will be deleted. My blog, my rules. If fuzzy calls me any names, I'll shave him... Just kidding. Fuzzy, have at it! Make it good, though.


Blogger moderate_christian said...

"Discuss. Any name calling will be deleted. My blog, my rules."

Woah there internet tough guy.. Put down those fists. I always find it amazing how all these short fat internet geeks seem to get so ballsy on the internet and get on power trips. Not saying that you are like that JJ but that comment seems to fit the bill, even if it was in jest.

Also for someone that believes in the Constitution and the Bill of rights, for you to want to silence someone's free speach is shocking!

ok thats just my little jabs back, but I really do wish that you wouldn't post this liberal hate crap that you do. I really wish you'd post real meat and potatoe issues not just these constant jabs at liberals.

now to the main meat of your topic.

Liberals are not trying to change the natural order of things. What they are trying to do is entitle rights to people that have alternative lifestyles. Rights such as a name change and legal rights in case of death and medical issues. Things that us man+woman marriage people tend to take for granted.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but conservatives weren't the fore leaders for slavery. It was those godless liberal northerners that took on that cause.

Being a liberal is not a bad thing, neither is being a conservative. Thats why I'm a moderate. I kind of fall in the middle and don't necessarily subscribe to either side. Same as with Democrats and Republicans. When I vote, I vote for the best person overall, not because my family has always voted a certain way or my church expects me to vote a certain way.

Yes the AIDS person does have the right to live their life, but instead of just saying this is wrong and washing your hands of it, how about trying to come up with a solution. Perhaps something along the lines of the sexual offender database. Maybe people with AIDS should be listed in a medical database so that people are aware. Yes I'm sure this crosses some lines and I could imagine some redneck folk wouldn't take to kindly to knowing their neighbor is a homosexual, but its at least trying to put forth a solution instead of just pointing the wagging finger.

5:49 PM  
Blogger fuzzy_beaver said...

Shave the fuzz off the beaver??? At least we have that preference in common!

8:26 AM  
Blogger J. J. Horner said...

Okay, THAT isn't what I meant!

8:34 AM  

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