Friday, December 09, 2005

Yes, in my name!

Rush is talking about 'coercive tactics', torture, and questioning.

The message from the Left (and McCain) is that torture should never occur. My answer is this: the job of the federal government is to protect me from outsiders. Do what it takes. Play 'smacky face', water-board, prevent sleep, cut off appendages, and threaten with death if it takes it. Heck, kill someone in front of them, and tell them it will happen to them as well.

These are bad people intent on killing Americans. I will not endorse a candidate who puts their 'right' to not be tortured above my right to live a peaceful life. They are the aggressors and should be treated as such. They willingly give up any right to civility when they engage in activities that threaten us.

As Maggy might say, "don't go wobbly, GW."


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