Monday, January 09, 2006


Ole Ted "gimme-anudder-drink" Kennedy named his dog "Splash"?!? Why not just name it "Chappy"!?

Goldblatt: Very funny

Yeah, critical thinking? This is what college does.

Friday, January 06, 2006

WT: Abramoff and Dems

Yep, he's a "GOP Fundraiser"...

Blonde joke

Not the funniest I've ever heard, but still worth the time.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Judicial Activism

So, a Vermont judge no longer believes in punishment, so he gives a convicted child rapist 60 days to rehabilitate under government supervision? Great...

UPDATE: I'll post more when my anger subsides.

CQ: Abramoff and Kennedy

More news you won't hear about the "GOP Fundraiser" Abramoff.

CQ: Abramoff and Clinton

News you won't hear about the "GOP Fundraiser" Abramoff.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Abramoff, the GOP, and the Dems

Well, Abramoff has plead guilty. Let the House cleaning begin. If the investigators find ANY member of the Legislative branch has betrayed his oath and sold out his constituents, kick him out. Heck, go back a few years and get people who have already been voted out of office. Find every single person involved and prosecute him.

If this process for prosecuting offenders is done right, we could have a better government. Make this visible, make this noisy, and make of this an example to future public servants. Get to it. I'm pleased.

While the Dems supported Clinton against all charges without regard to merit, we should take the high ground and prosecute all offenders, even those of our own party. Let Festivus commence.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Writing Well

I picked up a book entitled On Writing Well by William Zinsser. Once I've digested as much of this book as I can, I'd like some suggestions for other writing books.

The Conservative circles are fond of The Trivium by Sister Miriam Joseph Rauh. That may be my next book.


Keep an eye on Mitt

Follow the money

If you want to know what the NEA believes, follow the money.

New TN politics blog

Expect to see some links to this site in the future.

Yet more bad decisions out of LA's governor

2006 and 2008

I'm getting into election mode. With the campaigning for 2006 about to hit full tilt, I'd like to start the season off with some observations. In order for Bush and Republicans to win, here is the recipe:

1. Return to conservative roots. Start hitting the messages of security, low taxes, find a way to explain the out-of-control spending so far, make the battle over Alito very vocal and talk up the reasons for a constructionist.
2. Drop dead weight. Dr. Frist may be a good doctor, but he is horrible as a majority leader. Get someone in who will lead, cajole, threaten, bully, and trick all Republicans to toe the party line.
3. Talk morals, local issues, and national issues every chance you get. Senate and House elections are decided locally, so don't try to make national figures out of Senators and Congressmen. Make them household names in their respective districts.

In order for the Dems to win, here is the recipe:

1. Cut the loon-squad loose. While the Republicans can win using a local strategy, Dems can't. Ma and Pa in the heartland want conservative values from honest people. That immediately disqualifies most Dems.
2. Lay off the name-calling. Most Americans are getting tired of the rhetoric, so knock it off.
3. Find a vision. Honestly, you can't win by saying, "At least we aren't the other guy."
4. Become Republicans. Okay, this one is a joke.

My predictions:

1. Republicans will gain 4 seats in the House, and 2 in the Senate.
2. Democrats will continue down the road of irrelevancy, as they will become more and more shrill. Americans want to win, not retreat. The Dem message will be to cut and run, bow to international pressure, give up sovereignty, etc.
3. Bush will gain in poll numbers, and will be able to sway quite a few races. This will drive Dean insane, and he will be on the ticket for '08. The Dems like him when he's nuts.

Give me your predictions, and we'll track them. This should be a fun season. I'm looking forward to it.