Friday, February 02, 2007

Something completely different

So, my wife let me get a nice Christmas present for myself this year:  Alienware m9700 laptop.  This thing is sweet, with dual video cards, 17” screen, and the works.  My only problem is that I can’t get a Linux distribution to work on it, except Fedora FC6.  Fedora, and Redhat in general, are bloated.  I’d like something lean to run on it that can customize itself to my system, like Gentoo.


Well, I started with FC6 just to get my feet wet.  FC6 went on, I downloaded, compiled, installed the drivers for my rtl8185 wireless card, and tried to get this beast to join my wireless network.  Wpa_supplicant will not work, so I had to downgrade to WEP on my network to get it online. 


Today, and for the near future, I intend to try for Gentoo again.  Gentoo is good in that it allows itself to be completely customized to this system, right down to custom compilation of software.  Unfortunately, getting it to boot and work on this laptop won’t be easy.


Wish me luck…


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